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Spray On Concrete Melbourne has a range of Concrete Repair services, Decorative Concrete services, and Epoxy Flooring Concrete Sealer services have been tested and stood true to the trial of time.

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is big in 2015 with more and more building sites deciding to go with polished concrete due to the ease of cleaning, resistance to the weather and polished concrete look. Having a polished concrete flooring can dramatically increase the ease of moving equipment around, raise the value of your house or only give you a nice smooth surface to walk over. For more information about Polished Concrete and the perks of having a polished concrete floor click the blue link above.

Concrete Repairs

With Concrete Repairs, the correct techniques need to be followed to ensure your concrete repairs stay as concrete repairs and do not cause any further problems to your underlying concrete. We have the correct methods and have had the years of practice making us your number one choice for concrete repairs and resurfacing.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Resurfacing

Exposed Aggregate can be a very good idea for many applications, but sometimes it can be a real issue. Luckily this can easily be fixed with a relatively cheap method. Concrete Resurfacing is where we spray a new coat over the old exposed aggregate to leave a beautiful stencil concrete, polished concrete, fleck or sealed concrete finish of your choosing.

Epoxy Flooring

Having an epoxy floor installed into your workshop, home or office is a very good idea for both style, and practicality. An Epoxy floor is incredibly resilient and is by far the longest lasting floor coating method that will leave your floor looking flash with all the wear and spill resistance you will ever need.

Driveway Resurfacing

Don’t like your old cracked driveway? Want something special to come home too? Need to cover up some oil spills?
Driveway resurfacing is a hot industry with many people wanting an upgrade from their standard concrete driveway.
Installing a new driveway can often be avoided by covering your existing surface.
Take the less time consuming, cheaper option that leaves you with the same overall results and a beautiful driveway when you get your driveway resurfacing done with our Fast Driveway Resurfacing Team.

High-Pressure Cleaning

Getting your Concrete Driveway or pathway pressure washed without high-pressure cleaning service will instantly improve the look of your concrete area as grime, dirt, stains are all ripped and washed from your concrete.

Cleaning your Driveway concrete or tiles is important to remove moulds and fungus from affecting the health of the people moving around the area.

Concrete Sealer

Getting your concrete sealed can be the most efficient way to save money in the future. Over time concrete is damaged by the elements, wind and rain start to cut into the concrete and stains from oils can mark your driveway for good. Avoid having to fix or resurface your concrete driveway by booking a concrete sealer to come and take care of your exposed concrete. Hit us up for an exclusive deal to have a concrete grind as well for a new protected finish.

Spray Paving

Spray paving also known as concrete resurfacing is a fast way to cover a surface with a new coat of concrete. This can be used for concrete repairs, concrete resurfacing, pool deck resurfacing, driveway resurfacing and decorative concrete.
There are hundreds of applications for decorative concrete resurfacing and with the constant increase in Melbourne houses, factories, and buildings there is a massive demand for more spray paving.

Stencil Concrete

Want that tiled look for concrete? Melbourne Spray On Concrete will have your concrete looking outstanding with our large selection of concrete stencils. There are numerous Stencil Concrete jobs that we have successfully pulled off around Melbourne city to the delight of our loyal customers.
You could be the next happy Melbourne stencil concrete owner by adding more value to your house with Stencil Concrete.

Concrete Floor Finishes

Melbourne Spray on concrete takes great pride in our Concrete Floor Finishes. We can create the physical Concrete Floor Finish of your dreams with our huge selection of concrete floor finishes.There are too many different Concrete Floor Finishes to list here but make sure you ask one of our team for a variety of concrete floor finishes that are available for your Melbourne concrete resurfacing needs when you get your free online quote or consultation.

Concrete Crack Repair

When your concrete gets a crack, it is never a good sign. No matter if your concrete is wearing because it is old, because it was damaged or because of a reason not stated rest assured that our concrete crack repair team can use their concrete resurfacing and Concrete Repairs Skills to get your concrete back to its original look.

Concrete Fleck

Fleck is another finish that we can provide our resurfacing and decorative concrete customers. This can be used in many different situations. One of the most usual fleck jobs that our team at Melbourne spray on concrete come across is to increase the value of the customers home. Fleck can be sprayed on in many different places and is a cheap and easy fix to your flooring issues.

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