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Polished Concrete Floors

There are many reasons you may want to polish your concrete floor in your workshop, office, house, garage and more for example:

  • More light reflected around to brighten up the room
  • Oil Spills and accidents can be easily cleaned up without lasting damage to the concrete surface.
  • Easily move your equipment around without the problems usually caused by small wheels running along concrete surfaces.
  • Longer lasting concrete. Polished, sealed off concrete lasts longer and fights of UV rays better than regular exposed aggregate surfaces.
  • Less dust, keep a clean work environment.

There are many reasons you may want your concrete floor polished up nicely. If you have one, contact us on (03) 8658 2120 or fill out the form and we will get back to you at our next convenience.

Surface finish after being polished

How We Polish Your Concrete Floor

polishing your concrete floor without the right equipment just does not happen. It is one of those jobs where it is easier to get the professional concrete polishing team in to get the equipment making over your concrete floor.

Here is how we perform our concrete polish services:

First, we remove all old coatings and expose the concrete surface. Next, our team get down and dirty, filling all the cracks and marks with an epoxy resin or some other semi-rigid filler to ensure your finished surface looks even and stunning! After the concrete surface has had its repairs and they have set, we get to work with the 30- 40- grit metal bonded diamond concrete grinder.

Once that has brought a smooth finish, we bring it down a little more with the 80- Grit Metal Bonded Diamond Cutter.
We even take your concrete polish one step further with a 150- grit to give a more smooth/shiny surface when you require it. The number of runs and the grit we use is up to the finish you desire. The smoother and more reflective you want your concrete, the higher the grit we use.

After all this grinding down, we cover the whole surface with a concrete hardener to increase the density of the concrete, solid.
Now we get into the real polishing with a 100- 200- resin grind polish. This is where things start to get sexy.
Then it is down to the 400- grit for an even finer polish.

You would think we stop at the 800- grit giving your concrete surface a superb concrete polish. But…. Next, we take it super smooth with the 1500- 3000- grit for the best concrete polish you could ever need before your looking at a floor reflection of the roof!
Lastly, we protect this all for as long as we possibly can with the best high-grade premium concrete sealer!

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That is the bread and butter of how we do our concrete polishing and why our loyal customers here at spray on concrete come back to us for our services with their new projects time and time again. 

If this doesn’t sound like the services you’re after you can find the whole range of services we offer by calling us on (03) 8658 2120 or visiting the Spray On Concrete Melbourne home page.

If you would like more details about polishing your concrete, don’t hesitate to ask. Our specialist Andrew will be out at your convenient time to give you more information, pamphlets, and other resources to make sure you get the exact finish you want with your polished concrete floor.

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