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Decorative concrete can be used to lighten up your property or go with the theme of your home. With an influx of concrete resurfacing jobs happening around Melbourne we thought why not share a few stories from around the net.

Here at Spray On Concrete Melbourne we take pride in providing a great finish for your concrete resurfacing projects. Insuring you get a long lasting result that stands the test of time. We use a range of products that provide resistance and strength to your concrete surfaces while giving you the finish you decide.

We can give you the look of tiles and when applying the surface to a large area this can be more cost effective than tiling while giving you an excellent finish that looks stunning and remains flat. The layer applied is covered in a seal that preserves the concrete stopping fade and increasing the resistance against stains.

Here are three of the top ways concrete resurfacing has been used to decorate, protect and ad value.

The Top Concreting Trends for 2015

Decorative concrete contractors share many amazing projects with Concrete Network throughout the year. We’re always impressed by the ingenuity of their work, as contractors continue to come up with new techniques to overcome unusual design challenges. These projects also serve as a crystal ball, revealing how the decorative concrete industry is evolving in response to consumer demand and current design trends. Based on the projects we’ve featured over this past year, we’re predicting a number of trend-setting looks for decorative concrete in 2015. We hope they spark your imagination and inspire you to set a few trends of your own.

Getting creative with stencils
Stenciled designs in concrete are going well beyond the use of standard off-the-shelf patterns and borders. More contractors and designers are customizing their stencils to convey a particular theme or to tell a story. Thanks to sophisticated CNC machines that can laser cut elaborate patterns and shapes into sheets of stenciling paper or plastic, contractors are now able to produce custom stencils to suit any design scheme.

Putting a polish on outdated floors
How do you breathe new life into an outdated concrete floor while staying true to its original character? More contractors are stepping up to that challenge by polishing the concrete to remove the old and expose the new. This technique works especially well when existing concrete floors must be blended with newly placed floors or when a floor needs to be restored to serve a new purpose.

Paying homage to nature
More people want the concrete in and around their homes to reflect the surrounding environment by incorporating themes inspired by the natural landscape. On this project, a decorative overlay with an engraved tree motif was installed over an existing concrete driveway to enhance a wooded estate. Another example of a project incorporating elements from nature is this concrete kitchen island, installed in a home in the Pacific Northwest. To create the effect of a flowing river and a wave-washed beach, the island was enhanced with many natural embeds, including exposed sand, rock, and petrified wood.

You can read the full article where it was first published on: THE TOP CONCRETE DESIGN TRENDS FOR 2015

Here is a short video showing you how application of Decorative Concrete Works.

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