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Does your concrete flooring need to be revamped? If so, then there are tons of options, but one of the best one is spray-on concrete. This can help to spruce up your Melbourne home by improving the form and function of the flooring. There are several options, but many of them have some major drawbacks. How about spray-on products? They can provide many key benefits including the following ones:


Another key benefit of spray-on concrete is that it’s a solution that provides a high-density result. This is important for various reasons. For example, it helps to provide good freeze resistance. This might be an issue wherever you live in Melbourne.

When choosing any concrete resurfacing it’s important to consider how durable it will be when in contact with the elements. The good news is that concrete that’s sprayed on is quite effective in this department, and can even withstand freezing temperatures.

Spray On Concrete


If your concrete flooring has issues such as cracks, it might seem like it’s easier just to pour new concrete over old concrete. It’s not that simple. The reason is that there’s no bonding agent that causes the concrete to adhere to the old flooring. That will eventually result in crumbling, which is a situation you certainly want to avoid.

It’s important that there’s a strong bond with the resurfacing product and the existing concrete. That’s why you should certainly consider using spray-on concrete.

Water/Cement Ratio

This is one of the main benefits of spray-on concrete for Melbourne homes. There’s a lower concrete/water ratio compared to poured concrete. This is a plus for various reasons. In particular, it helps to provide a sturdy resurfacing material that can help boost the durability of your existing concrete floor.

This is one of the key issues when choosing a solution for concrete rejuvenation. It’s a plus if the solution is smooth and easy to apply. However, that’s just the start. It’s also important that the product helps to make the flooring more durable.


Another major benefit of spray-on concrete is that it’s much cheaper than other options. That includes standard coverings. It’s significantly cheaper than digging up and replacing the old concrete, which can cost a small fortune.


Concrete that’s sprayed on also helps to improve the appearance of your existing flooring. For example, there are many colors and designs available. That will help to spruce up the flooring and give it some pizzazz.


It’s important for any product you add to your concrete flooring to dry and gain strength in the shortest time possible. It will help to make it more durable and ready to handle issues such as foot traffic.

Spray-on cement can help! That’s because it has quick strength gain. That’s a plus as it helps to ensure that the floor increases in durability faster. This is a plus so you can have peace of mind that the floor will get more durable faster.

Why not consider spray-on concrete?