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Concrete Resurfacing

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Imagine that new look you wanted for your backyard, workshop, driveway or pathway and now your here get it the easy way with a professional concrete resurfacing spray pave service.

Concrete Resurfacing is an amazing way to get your perfect looking driveway or even repair what was once new back to its original state. With concrete resurfacing you can hide all that old concrete flooring and concrete surfaces with a new design that better suits your needs and helps you raise the value of your home or simply raise the value it holds to you.

Different kinds of Concrete Resurfacing

There are a few different ways that we can resurface your concrete for you. The options vary in price as they also vary in expenses and time to complete the job. For the most accurate quote for your job give your best description of the job in the free quote form. This will allow us to keep a record of exactly what concrete resurfacing you require.

Concrete Resurfacing Services we provide in Melbourne.

  • Stencils to give you a great pattern look concrete without the movement of tiles.
  • Flecks to give that grippe look .
  • Epoxy Flooring for longer lasting floors that are protected from spills and other nastiness that eat away at the concrete.
  • Polished floors where we grind down the floor and bring it up super smooth.
  • Wash and Seal where we do exactly that. We wash and seal your concrete from further corrosion.