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Why Spray On Concrete Melbourne Is The Best Choice

Spray on Concrete Melbourne is your specialist when it comes to resurfacing concrete or producing custom stencil concrete designs in Victoria. We also provide sealing, polishing, epoxy flooring, driveway resurfacing and many other designer flooring solutions.  With years of experience in concrete resurfacing, we can give you the best price and at a truly affordable rate. Give us a call for decorative concrete prices or an onsite visit with a range of pamphlets and pictures previously completed designs.

Areas Serviced

We offer our service throughout Melbourne and the surrounding cities. Our spray on resurfacing service is perfect for anyone looking to raise the value of their home of increasing the appeal and longevity of concrete surfaces. We can come out and give you an affordable on-site quote or an approximate price over the phone. You can reach us on (03) 8658 2120 and let us help find the right solutions for you.

Decorative Floor Services

Spray On Concrete has a lot to offer when it comes to helping you bring life to your properties old flooring. We can provide everything from a simple pressure wash and seal, preserving your concrete’s integrity, to full driveway resurfacing.

Sealed Floors Resist Stains

We also do a pretty good job at sealing your concrete to give your floor a nice, easy to clean surface that is resistant to spills, oil and more. Perfect for a garage floor or a basement and even the odd kitchen!

If that’s not your thing, we can always lay a beautiful designer epoxy floor to add some value creating a surface that stands out! We then seal the designer floor finish to preserve its life as well as create an excellent stain resistant smooth finish, perfect for many different applications in and out of the house.

Stencil Concrete Means No Broken Tiles.

Stencil Concrete is another way to add something fresh to your home. Resurfacing provides a better finish than tiles all while giving you the look, texture, and color you desire. Finished stencil floor’s come in many different finishes including tiled, brick, simple patterns, and even artwork or outlines for kids games. An added benefit to resurfacing, it last longer than paint and has a hard finish.

With years in the game, we have seen what works and what does not. Our service has consistently adapted to keep up with the best practices for a professional designer concrete application service.

If you would like to see more about our services, give us a call! We will fill you in on any details you need to make the right decision for the look you desire.

We have a huge range of colors, textures, patterns to choose from with the ability to add flecks, epoxy coatings, and custom designs for that perfect finish.

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